35 Amazing Health Benefits of Running, According to Science

Running can help improve your cardiovascular health * Running can help improve one’s mood * Running can strengthen joints * Running burns calories * Running helps promote proper leg workouts * Running helps in working out the core * Running is ideal for a general workout * Running can help promote meditation * Running can help promote weight loss * Running helps improve the health of bones and the muscles * Running can help increase energy levels * Running reduces risk of chronic disease * Running helps skin health * Running helps in improving brain and memory health * Running improves the quality of sleep and helps in relaxation * Running reduces pain * Running increases the learning abilities * Running protects the brain from aging * Running helps to decrease cravings for unhealthy foods and substances * Running increases creativity * Running reduces stress * Running increases an individual’s sex life * Running relieves menopause symptoms * Running reduces someone’s risk of cancer * Running increases the lifespan of a human being * Running increases the functioning of the lungs * Running helps in assimilation of vitamin D * Running helps to improve balance * Running helps to get rid of beer belly * Running fights off common cold * Running reduces depression * Running keeps eyes healthy * Running helps to improve the hearing ability * Running alleviates anxiety * Running boosts self-esteem

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