Key Takeaway: Aside from reducing our body fats, developing our muscles, and strengthening our bones, exercise does more in keeping our whole body physically fit. Keeping active maintains a well-functioning heart, lungs, brain, skin, immune system, and digestive system.

Key Takeaway: Exercising can work wonders for our mental health. Maintain an active lifestyle if you want to experience a boost in your overall brain function.

Key Takeaway: Surprisingly, exercise helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. This helps improve your mood, positively impacting your emotional health.

Key Takeaway: Exercise is an opportunity to socialize. Boost your self-esteem and confidence by working out, and seize this opportunity to make friends.

Key Takeaway: Regular exercise keeps the doctor away. Stray from your sedentary lifestyle now if you want to reduce the risks of various diseases.

Key Takeaway: Exercise is crucial in every workplace. To improve productivity in the office, it�??s time to adapt the �??Sit Less, Move More�?� program now.

Key Takeaway: Children must develop an active lifestyle at an early age. This helps them grow up to a healthier adult, so encourage your kids to exercise regularly now.

Key Takeaway: Seniors should maintain a physically active lifestyle the more they age. Exercising offers important benefits that may help prolong their lives.

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