Strength training is best done with a set program in mind. It can be hard to stick to a plan if you are sore or tired, but the better you are about sticking with the roadmap that you have decided to follow, the better your results will be. This does not mean that you cannot shake things up a little bit, however, to keep your workouts fresh.

Weight training is often thought of by athletes as a simple matter of just lifting different free weights and using different machines to target unique areas of the body throughout the week. There are some other ways that you can get the same results as using these traditional methods, and these can be very beneficial both for your motivation and your results. Variable resistance training can be a great way to help you to reach past a plateau and to get more out of your regular training days.

If you are ready to learn more about the benefits of variable resistance training for strength, you need to keep reading!

What is Variable Resistance Training?

For starters, let’s define what this training method is. This is a method of strength training that uses items like resistance bands or even things like chains that add range of motion and challenge to your workout. This is a process that creates increasing resistance through areas of a lift that you might not otherwise have enough control over to target.

This method of training develops problem areas rapidly because it reduces the weight that is being used for the exercise which allows for more care and attention to detail in the training that is being done. You can really work on your form and your strength at the same time with this method of training.

Benefits Of Variable Resistance Training For Strength

1.       Increases Power in Lifts

One of the reasons that people do not get the full potential from their lifting practice is that they are not capable of quite enough strength to move past a plateau point. This can be very common with exercises that are not your strongest ones. You need to be able to develop the right balanced muscle strength to target these lifts and move past the wall that you have run into.

When you move to something like resistance band training, you can control the way that your body moves much more accurately as you train. This allows you to get the full range of motion in on each movement and to find better posture and balance as you move a lot of weight through resistance. This is a great way to get over the hump when you have been unable to get to that next level with a specific kind of lift.

2.       They Make Bodyweight Exercises More Effective

Bodyweight exercises can do a lot more than most people realize for strength training, but only if they are challenging. As you start to get stronger, it might seem like your bodyweight training is not delivering the results that it once did. If you use these exercises for light training days, this can be very frustrating.

Adding some resistance without adding a lot of weight can wake up your body and challenge it just enough to bring improvements and better attention to form. This might allow you to go deeper in that unweighted squat or to finally manage to get the strength you need to do pull-ups.

3.       Helps Train Through Limitations

We all have things that we wish that we could do better. Some of these things might be related to old injuries or you might have run into trouble with an exercise because of your natural tendencies to be weaker in your upper or lower body. When you use resistance bands or chains to help increase the challenge of your workout without having to bring in weighted training, you can help your muscles to make the leap from being unable to handle a challenge to a point where they can accept more demands.

Sometimes your body just needs that little bit of added pressure to adjust to your training demands. This can be a great way to work on things like dips, pull-ups, or other kinds of full-body strength movements that can be really challenging when you first try to do them.

4.       To Recover From Injury

If you have had an injury recently or you are dealing with recovery from surgery, you might be feeling like you are ready to move away from bodyweight-only training to something more. If you have not been cleared to use weights yet, you might be able to use resistance training to help you to get through your recovery process more effectively.

This is a great system for training if you have been hurt or had surgery because you can do it with such a wide range of challenges and resistance levels. You can easily control just how much pressure you are putting on your muscles when you are using variable resistance training to improve or heal your body and this makes it an ideal choice when something challenging but gentle is required.

Variable Resistance Training is a Great Technique for Many Reasons

If you have been feeling like you need a little added challenge in your workout or you are recovering from an injury or a break away from training, you need to consider adding variable resistance training to your routine. This is a very flexible and effective training method that can deliver big results for all kinds of different training requirements.

For those who just want to shake things up, variable resistance training can also offer you a fun way to provide different kinds of challenges to your routine. Variable resistance work is easy to insert into any training program and simple to learn to do. If you have never tried this method of training before, you will wonder why you have not been making the most of this kind of training challenge in the past!

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