If Dr. Cole has recommended for you to undergo a surgical procedure; you may wish to consider taking the extra step in preparation for your surgery and recovery.

In addition to what we do optimize your physiology for surgery, there are a few things that?YOU?can do to make sure you have the best result. Nutrition is one key element that you can control and is extremely important to reduce the stress that surgery causes to your body and can help to maintain your muscle mass and optimize wound healing.

We recommend a unique program called the Ortho Nutrition Bundle. This program lasts the entire month beginning 2 weeks before and ending 2 weeks after your surgery. You take these clinical supplements that are specifically designed for patients like you to make sure you minimize the loss of muscle mass associated with inactivity and that you bounce back as quickly as possible.

Please go to?www.emnortho.com ?to place your order once you are provided your surgical date by our staff. Don?t forget to use code ?cole? at checkout for a discounted rate!


Ortho Nutrition Bundle

  • Similar to an athlete preparing for a marathon, nutritionally preparing your body for a surgical event can?promote a?better and faster recovery.
  • EMN?creates evidence-based, clinical grade products designed to improve outcomes and support healthy aging.
  • This bundle contains whey protein isolate (ISOlution?) and a preoperative carbohydrate (PREcovery?) that are taken leading up to and following your surgery.

EMN Ortho

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