Whether you enjoy sports recreationally or you’re a professional athlete, there’s no doubt that pain is a major fear of active people. This fear can get in the way of performing at your best, especially in sports that carry a high injury risk. Sports such as gymnastics and ice skating, where jumping and landing on the feet are involved, face a major challenge to avoid getting hurt. This is due to the stress and pressure they internally place on the foot and joints.

Fortunately, this is where podiatrists can come in and help in taking care of your feet so that you can steer clear of making painful mistakes or, worse, ending your athletic career. Podiatrists are specialized physicians who work with the treatment of the foot and lower leg.

Sports injuries can be avoided if athletes consult with professionals on the proper care of their bodies. You don’t have to wait for the worst to come before visiting a specialist.

As such, here are the ways that a podiatrist can help you prevent injuries from sports:

  • Recommend Appropriate Footwear

The kind of shoes you wear is just as important as any piece of equipment you use when playing or performing. A podiatrist will be able to help you select or recommend the appropriate shoes specific to your area of sports, especially running athletes.

Once you’ve bought a pair of shoes, you can also take them in for an assessment. This is so that your podiatrist specialist can evaluate how effective your shoes are in protecting you from injury.

For Queensland residents, a podiatrist Sunshine Coast can test the fitting, ankle rotation, pressure, and width against your feet to judge its suitability.

Even if you don’t play the sport yourself, podiatrists also give advice to parents who have children participating in school sports. They can advise you on the ideal time to go for your shoe fitting, such as during the afternoon, for example.

The afternoon fitting is to accommodate the time of the day when feet are at their most swollen. Waiting for the feet to swell up help for better measurement and sizing and choosing footwear that still fits even when the wearer’s feet are at their largest.

Choosing the correct footwear with guidance by a podiatrist can be a major step in preventing future injuries. Once your foot feels balanced and ready to take on the sport, it may help reduce the risk of inflicting any damage.

Medical taping for leg correction after sport injury
  • Personalized Training Program

Knowing the right way to train is also essential in injury prevention. Thus, having a podiatrist who can craft a personalized training regimen for you will be beneficial in the long run.

They can design an effective warm-up routine, show you proper taping techniques, and recommend stretches and muscle strengthening exercises. This is crucial to prevent injury, especially for beginners in any sport.

Exercise experts emphasize how important pre-sports workouts and accurate form is in keeping your body safe. Proper technique in training is at the core of preparing your body for the toll that workouts put your body through.

A program devised by a podiatric specialist and works according to your anatomy can help improve your foot’s resistance to making faults that cause pain.

  • Foot Evaluation

Your podiatrist can conduct a foot exam to checkup on the health of your feet using sonography. It scans and creates medical imaging and shows the internal structure of your foot. With this technology, they can observe and monitor your foot’s stability and the flexibility of your joints and ankle.

Athletes in high-impact sports need to know as soon as possible if they’re over-exerting their joints and muscles, which is why a podiatric foot evaluation is so valuable. They can inspect the stress placed on your ligaments and detect the likelihood of an injury occurring. Think of it as an early warning system to take it easy if the sport is already hurting you without showing any visible signs of damage.

Your joints and feet go through the usual wear and tear over time, and this is especially accelerated in sportspeople. This is also why part of injury prevention should be going in for these evaluations longer you’ve been an active athlete.


Taking preventative measures against sports injuries with the help of a podiatrist could make a difference in your sporting activities. These experts know how your feet work from the inside out and can aid you in adapting to training the right way.

If you engage in high-impact performance, then a regular consultation with a podiatrist should be part of your training schedule. Make sure to ask for a checkup to be conducted on your feet or for an assessment of your footwear.

With the combination of pre-game consultations and a personalized training method, sports injuries don’t have to be the fear it once was. Podiatrists are the professionals that can support you in maintaining your overall foot health.

Author’s Bio: Byan Naise is a sports enthusiast. He writes blog posts and guest posts online to share his passion for sports. Bryan plays basketball and volleyball during his free time.

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