In medicine and healthcare, the use of advanced IT technologies opens up new opportunities for improving the interaction between the patient and the doctor, improving the quality of medical care, treatment, and access to medical data.

With the continuous improvement of smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other portable wireless devices, as well as the rapid growth of the mobile app market, telehealth software development opens up new opportunities to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve patient care for both healthcare providers and hospitals. In this article, we discuss why telehealth software development companies are important for the healthcare industry and describe the advantages of cooperating with one of the best companies in this field – Empeek.

Benefits of Telemedicine & Telehealth Software Development

Telemedicine allows you to provide high-quality medical advice faster and safer. No need to wait in line to see a doctor, and then spend a lot of time in overcrowded clinics. Telehealth is especially important for rural residents, elderly patients, and people with disabilities who find it difficult to get to the hospital.

Telemedicine can also help in critical cases. For example, doctors through a video surveillance system can track the condition of a patient who is going to the hospital in an ambulance and advise paramedics.

In the patient’s room, you can set up additional remote monitoring. And when his condition stabilizes, the patient will be able to continue treatment at home and consult with a doctor online.

  1. It reduces anxiety and stress

Compared to in-person visits to hospitals and clinics, access to healthcare services can be improved by enabling patients and their families to use telehealth services at home. For example, the use of teledentistry tools will allow patients to consult with licensed dentists using a mobile application without visiting the clinic. After submitting the photos, patients can receive personalized advice on improving their oral health.

The virtual provision of medical services will also minimize the anxiety and stress that patients experience when visiting the hospital, and reduce the waiting time for an appointment. Thus, doctors will be able to see more patients every day.

  1. It increases the involvement of patients in the treatment process

Online access to information and automatic reminders can increase patient involvement in the treatment process. For example, patients with chronic diseases who require frequent examinations can be treated remotely in cases where an in-person visit to a doctor is not required. Patients who do not come to the clinic due to mobility problems, disabilities, or difficulties with transportation can also receive consultations in any convenient place from any available device.

For example, by using a wireless sensor and disposable patch electrodes placed on the pregnant woman’s abdomen, medical personnel can remotely monitor the vital signs of both the fetus and the mother to minimize unnecessary physical contact.[6]

  1. With the help of telemedicine, you can also:
  • maintain control over a medical history, a list of medicines, an allergic anamnesis;
  • discuss symptoms and share photos to help describe symptoms better;
  • send prescriptions to the pharmacy online;
  • pay securely online.

This level of involvement allows patients to better monitor their health and seek care before their condition becomes critical.

  1. It improves treatment outcomes

One of the most important benefits of telehealth solutions is the significant improvement in patient outcomes. The use of telemedicine can reduce the number of complications reported by patients, increase patient satisfaction with treatment, and possibly reduce the mortality rate. Telemedicine can also improve the quality of medical care by increasing its efficiency, accessibility, flexibility, as well as more affordable prices for medical services. In addition, it ensures the timely exchange of information between patients or their families and the attending physician.

Continuous contact can help healthcare professionals strengthen ties with patients and avoid various adverse outcomes resulting from delayed or missed appointments. It also gives patients the opportunity to self-monitor and make important adjustments to prevent hospitalization. Thanks to remote monitoring technology, the problems associated with the management of patients with heart disease, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, as well as disorders of the musculoskeletal system, and behavioral disorders are successfully solved.

  1. It cuts costs

Another important benefit is cost reduction. The use of telemedicine provides faster and more efficient medical care at a lower financial cost. This allows service providers to reduce costs by minimizing the distance and time required for treatment. It also minimizes travel costs, which are often burdensome for patients of low socioeconomic status.

Empeek is a Reliable Company for Developing Telehealth Solutions

The main target of Empeek is to get rid of the barriers of time, distance, and the lack of providers. That’s why we provide telemedicine solutions for patients and doctors that allow user-friendly access to medical services. Our team also ensures the protection of personal data as well as software integration for a convenient way of a partnership with other medical centers. Empeek uses innovative technologies to bring the way medical services are provided to a higher level. We advise on all the product development stages and help customers with a vision of the telehealth or telemedicine solution to develop and commercialize it.


The development of healthcare goes hand in hand with the development of technology. Telehealth includes health care services such as medical education and research, wireless medical applications, remote patient monitoring, video patient consultation, and the transmission of medical data using video and audio technologies, etc.

People need simple and consistent digital solutions to help them get their medicines, make appointments, and receive important health information and advice. It is expected that telemedicine will not be a transient phenomenon in healthcare, but will become an important component of a comprehensive healthcare plan and will increase the satisfaction of both doctors and patients.

Telemedicine & Telehealth continue to attract huge investments, and with its help, it ensures greater affordability, efficiency, and accessibility of medical services for the entire population. Moreover, advances in digital health are an important driver of equity in health care delivery.

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