We all love and admire bigger and stronger shoulders especially for men. But the question in many people’s mind is whether this is possible and doable without torturing one’s body with rigorous exercises.

Interestingly, shoulders are the calve muscles of our upper body but they are a bit stubborn to deal with when exercising. Though small, these muscles can be strengthened and grown bigger. But it’s a process that needs several combinations to achieve. Many Midss’s fitness pros have recommended you can take BCAA supplements to boost muscle growth after the gym.

So, how do you achieve bigger and stronger shoulders in 45 days? This article will explain to you how. Keep reading…

Understanding your shoulders

Before discussing how best you can achieve bigger and stronger shoulders, let’s take a moment to understand what exactly they are and their formation.

First, our shoulders consist of multiple muscles with deltoids being the most prominent of these. In addition, there are other smaller muscles meant to support the round-shaped head of our arm bones in position in the shoulder blade socket thus allowing it to turn and move. 

These muscles are commonly referred to as rotator cuffs. The growth of the shoulders in size and strength normally involves targeting the deltoids. As you do so however, you should also consider taking good care of the rotator cuff muscles. 

That said, the deltoids are the most visible and bigger muscles thus the emphasis during the workouts. Exercising the rotator cuffs is, however, meant to keep the shoulder joints healthy as it does not contribute to your overall shoulder size directly. Exercising can help enhance the overall muscle mass and lead to that perfect male physique.

Having understood that, let’s discuss how best you can build bigger, proportional and rounded shoulders within 45 days.

The basics of shoulder training

As you train your shoulders, there are several mistakes to avoid. Many people make these mistakes in a bid to achieve results faster but the outcome is quite the opposite. 

First, avoid engaging in the wrong exercises excessively. This includes training useless machines and doing isolation exercises. Doing this will result in a struggle to achieve the kind of shoulders you want. Some machines such as the overhead press machine have their place and effectiveness as explained by fitness-china.com.

Secondly, you should avoid so much high-rep training as this only gives a big pump without making the shoulders strong. Instead, you should focus more on heavy, compound weightlifting if you wish to maximize muscle growth. 

In light of that, you should focus more on heavy dumbbell and barbell presses while including additional work for rear and side deltoids. 

Steroid use is also common in workouts but this should be approached with a lot of care. It can’t be denied that combining exercises with the right steroids can help achieve the desired results but the truth of the matter is that this kind of growth can be abnormal. 

Having said that, let’s have a look at ways through which you can build bigger shoulders without using steroids or drugs in general.

  1. Engage in heavy lifting as part of your shoulder workouts

A lot of heavy lifting is needed if you’re to build great shoulders. This of course calls for patience as you do not want to injure yourself in the process or overwork the shoulders rapidly. 

You should consider weights ranging between 75 and 85 percent of one rep maximum. Broken down, this translates to a range of 4 to 6 reps (low end) and 8 to 10 reps (high end). 

Do these repeatedly, trying to push your body a little bit more but don’t forget to rest and also provide it with the right diet.

  1. Pay attention to should exercises that favor progressive overload

As earlier mentioned, heavy and compound weightlifting is key for growth and strengthening of your shoulders.  If the shoulders stop getting bigger, they’ll stop getting stronger. 

As a natural weightlifter, your main goal is to get stronger with time and that means adding some more weight to your bar.

This helps drive hypertrophy or muscle growth since it’s your best route to progressive overload for the muscles. This translates to a progressive increase of tension levels on the muscles with time. 

You should also watch your weekly shoulder workout volume, meaning the number of reps you do every week.

Doing too little means gaining less muscle compared to your target while doing too much will result in struggles with recovery and other negative aspects related to overtraining. 

Some of the best exercises for bigger shoulders would include the following:-

  • Standing or seated military press – This focuses on anterior deltoids while allowing you to move heavy weights safely.
  • Dumbbell front raise- This emphasizes on anterior deltoid isolation and acts as a great accessory exercise.
  • Dumbbell rear side raise – despite being the weakest and smallest muscle of the shoulder, the posterior deltoid has a significant contribution to the general appearance especially from the back and side. 
  • Dumbbell medial lateral raise – Ideal for targeting the medial deltoids and giving you the roundness and explosion you desire.
  • Dumbbell Cuban press – This is ideal for training your rear deltoids as well as rotator cuff muscles. This helps stabilize the shoulders while preventing injuries or dysfunction in your pressing. 
  1. Incorporating the right diet

On top of the workouts, your diet plays a very important role when it comes to shoulder growth and strength. Fat loss and muscle gain cannot be achieved through workouts alone and your diet should therefore be right.

Your diet will determine the success or failure of your endeavor since it acts as the fuel that keeps your engine running. 

Always bear in mind that you’re gaining muscles while burning fat at the same time. As such, your diet should facilitate these two important things. 

Your diet should consist of high-protein foods such as chicken breast and salmon filet, carbohydrates, fibers and water among others. 

While supplements may be good for helping you during the workouts, it’s good to eat natural foods  for natural energy.


These exercises are effective for building bigger and stronger muscles. However, progression is important and that means increasing the weights with time. 

As you gain strength with these exercises, you should also eat enough recommended food to help you, which helps your shoulders to respond. You should also sleep enough and take time to recover in-between the workout sessions. You could also use the right supplements to boost the process and watch your body respond to your efforts. 

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