It becomes harder to stick to an exercise routine as we grow older. We might have health issues and worries that restrict us from pursuing physical activities. Joint pains, risks of falling, and weight are some of the common reasons older adults tend to avoid exercise.

However, engaging in physical activities can positively affect the human body as we grow older. Studies have shown regular exercise increases your life span, boosts energy levels, and adds vibrancy to your life.

So, in this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of physical activity and the best ways to keep yourself fit as you grow older. The tips and exercises will help you get the most out of your life and make it more colorful and enjoyable.

Simple Exercises to Incorporate into Your Everyday Routine

Starting slow and doing easy exercises is the best way to make it a habit to be active. You don’t have to worry about falling or causing injuries. Several medical alert products for aging in place will help you if something goes wrong.

However, it is always safe to do milder exercises, in the beginning, to get your body used to them. You can follow some of the below-mentioned exercises to get started!

Workouts Using Resistance Bands

It is one of the simplest and most effective exercises for senior beginners. The resistance workout involves a stretchy rubber strip to build core strength. The workout also enhances your posture and helps with improving balance and mobility.

Workouts on Water

People who have difficulty bending their joints or have arthritis should do water aerobics, which helps them move freely without having to bear the pain. The resistance provided by water helps you maintain balance and helps strengthen your core. You will feel more flexible as well.

Try Pilates

Pilates is suitable for every age group and involves simple accessories like mats and inflated balls. The exercise mainly focuses on building strength and alignment to boost concentration. It also regulates breathing and improves flexibility without stressing your muscles.

Go For Regular Walks

Starting your workout session with walking can get you more energized and motivate you to keep going. Moving combined with breathing in the fresh air makes you feel rejuvenated. It also helps with reducing the risks of depression, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

Exercises Using a Chair

Workouts using a chair reduce stress on muscles and effectively help in building flexibility and balance. In addition, people with joint pain and bone-related issues can benefit from these workouts. The workout also helps with cognitive health, better sleep, and lowers the risk of depression.

Tips To Stay Motivated To Do Regular Physical Activities

Indulging in physical activities and making them part of your life becomes essential as you grow older. But, at times, it will seem tiring, and we may feel lazy for some reason.

So, follow the tips below to stay motivated to get your regular dose of physical activity.

  • Invite a Workout Partner: You can ask your neighbor or anyone in your family to join you in your workout sessions.
  • Involve Fun Activities: Instead of sticking to a few exercises, go for multiple ones to make workouts more fun.
  • Track Your Progress: Keeping track of your workout progress will help you motivate yourself to do more and better.
  • Reward Yourself: When you reach certain milestones, reward yourself with your favorite things that will help you stay motivated.


Physical activities and regular workouts help with aging gracefully and make living more fun. Making small changes in your everyday routine can also help you lead a better life. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on enhancing strength and balance while choosing a workout plan. Equally important is to avoid straining activities.

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