Few can deny that our modern work environments can have a very negative impact on our health. The late capitalism model has transformed the markets into viciously competitive places where companies need to go to ever-greater lengths to ensure prosperity and supremacy over their rivals. Naturally, such a state of being has greatly impacted the levels of stress employees experience. The mental anguish is further supplemented by the physical one, with the spreading remote work model in which employees can spend an entire day sitting in one place without any exercise whatsoever.

Thankfully, more and more people give credence to the amazing physical and mental benefits a training regimen can bring. But what if you desire to go even further? You’d be pleased to know that there are several safe and effective supplements that you can use to boost the effectiveness of your body and thus your workout sessions, including multivitamins, creatine for promoting muscle growth, beta-alanine to reduce fatigue, vegan protein powder for recovery and vitamin B12 for increased energy levels. Read on and learn how to leave your limits in the dust!

Consider Purchasing Vegan Multivitamins

If you’re vegan and actively working out, you’ve probably wondered whether you should be taking multivitamins or not. It is certainly true that a well-balanced diet will provide you with all the nutrients you need to avoid deficiencies, but that doesn’t mean that a supplement can’t come in handy. In fact, it’s recommended that anyone on a strict diet take a multivitamin, as it can help prevent any possible deficiencies that might occur due to your limited food choices.

Most multivitamins are derived from animal sources, making them unsuitable for vegans. However, there are multiple vegan alternatives on the market that can provide your body with the necessary supplementation. Make sure to read the labels if you want to purchase a vegan multivitamin only.

Buy Protein Powder

For those looking to build muscle mass rapidly, protein powder is essential. However, it’s vital to emphasize that it should not be used as the primary source of protein in your diet but rather as a supplement.

Protein powders can greatly help your body recover faster and perform better during your next workout. Bear in mind, though, that not all protein powders are vegan-friendly, which makes it very important to choose one that doesn’t contain any animal products if you follow such a diet. Take Cellucor’s supplement quiz to make sure you’re getting a protein supplement aligned with your diet and can help you achieve your ideal body composition safe and fast.

Creatine is an essential element for those who are looking to build lean muscle mass and strength; it also helps you to improve your endurance levels and shorten your recovery time after intense workouts. This substance is naturally produced by our bodies and can be found in foods such as milk and fish. If you’re vegan, you might be worried about creatine supplements as they are commonly made from animal sources.

Fortunately, there are several brands of vegan-friendly creatine supplements available on the market. Finding different types of creatine ranging from vegan capsules to vegan powder is as simple as it gets. All you need is Google, a bit of your time, and of course, enough financial means to purchase one of your choices.

Get Beta-Alanine to Reduce Fatigue

Beta-alanine is one of the most effective supplements for reducing fatigue during intense sessions and making your muscles more resilient. This substance works by increasing the amount of carnosine available in your body. Carnosine helps improve athletic performance by reducing the buildup of acidity in muscles. In addition, it has been linked to increased muscle growth and endurance.

You can purchase beta-alanine separately or in premade formulas that also contain creatine. But if you’re vegan, remember to check the ingredients list to ensure that no animal products were used during the manufacturing process.

Take Vitamin B12 to Improve Energy Levels

As you might have guessed, the lack of energy can significantly impair your ability to train effectively and push yourself to new limits every day. If this sounds familiar, then perhaps it’s time for you to start using a B12 supplement. Vitamin B12 is known for its excellent energy-boosting properties that can help you perform better during your workout sessions.

Unfortunately, B12 isn’t abundant in plant-based diets, which means that vegans are at a higher risk of deficiency. For this reason, supplementing with vitamin B12 is imperative if you wish to enjoy its benefits. Supplements containing vitamin B12 can easily be found in many health stores and virtually all online pharmacies, so purchase one as soon as you can. We guarantee you won’t regret the effects it has on your training regimen!


Do you feel like your body has reached its limits and can’t be pushed any further? We are here to tell you that this is not true and that there are many supplements that you can use to improve your workout sessions.

Some of these supplements presented above might be unfamiliar to you, but they should be no stranger to anyone who is constantly looking for a new way to push their body to the next level. So in case of any doubts, remember to ask the gym veterans in your neighborhood. They will undoubtedly be able to recommend you the best supplements for your specific goals! Good luck!

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