If you’ve been hesitant to head back to the gym, now is the time to join your favorite group fitness class or sweaty weight room with the peace of mind of being protected from viruses. But, as you jump back in, you want a mask with specific features to support you as you sweat it out.

Your fitness mask should include elements to keep you safe while being breathable and easy to hand wash to use the following day again. So, let’s talk about what matters in a mask for fitness.  

Features that Matter

A reusable, high airflow mesh outer layer with a cotton interior is a great mask option. Disposable masks tend to be lower-quality with straps that break easily. In addition, you want your mask to last, so a reusable, washable mask is critical for the gym.

High Breathability

There’s nothing worse than that claustrophobic feeling when you try to breathe through a disposable or basic cloth mask. Instead, look for a mask with a frame that sits away from your mouth, allowing you to breathe normally during your workout. A mesh outer layer with an inner cotton lining improves breathability as well.

Sizing & Fit

The right size mask for your face creates a perfect fit, limiting the amount of air that might enter through gaps between the mask and your skin. An excellent mask design fits your face while providing a tight outer seal but allowing airflow around your mouth. Look for masks with multiple sizes and a sizing chart to find which size works for you.

Your mask should have enhanced features like a stiff frame that stays in place without bunching or contact with your face. It should fit snug across your nose and have a nose bridge panel for an adjustable seal. You also want a no-flow lower chin panel for a secure seal on the lower part of your face and an elongated cheek area. Adjustable ear straps add the final touch for a perfect fit. 


An ideal mask material includes a high airflow polyester outer layer and a cotton interior for comfort and minimal skin irritation. 

Reusable & Hand Washable

Fitness masks should be hand-washable for convenience and air dry quickly for use the next day. Replaceable filters add an extra layer of protection from infection.

Anti Fogging

Many of us wear glasses, and anti-fogging is a mandatory feature in a mask while working out. A secure fit around the outer edges of a mask, along with a tightening panel across the bridge of the nose, will prevent your glasses from fogging as your heart rate increases. 

Makeup Friendly and Protection from Maskne

A cotton inner layer material and a cone chamber shape help prevent your skin from irritation, which has a new pandemic term called “maskne.” The cone chamber shape that sits away from the mouth also prevents makeup smudge. 

No Beard Rub

Do you have a beard? A mask with a cone-shaped chamber design will prevent your mask from rubbing against your beard. Your beard retains its shape with a thoughtful mask design.


An investment of around $30 is worth it for a mask that folds easily into your gym bag, is comfortable, reusable, hand-washable, and provides excellent protection from infection. A disposable mask or decorative cloth mask doesn’t compare to the security and reliability of a protective reusable mask.

Go Green

Take a minute to notice the number of disposable masks littering the streets and garbages. We can do better for our planet. Look for a reusable, hand-washable mask and get back to those earth-friendly terms of reducing, reusing, and recycling. 


Whether you’re looking for professional-level protection or all-day wear, LCP-Medical products  fit your needs with sizes to fit every face size and shape. In addition, LCP-Medical masks are designed for comfort and offer a variety of filters to help protect you from breathing in pathogens like viruses, bacteria, fungi, and more.

No one wants to wear a mask, but the reality is that masks can protect from viruses that are good at finding people, no matter who they are. Close proximity increases the risk of virus spread, so protect yourself while getting back to your best self. 

LCP-Medical reusable cloth masks come in two styles and several sizes to fit the whole family and offer filter options to match your specific needs. With protection against airborne viruses, high breathability, unique shape, and washable fabric, the masks from LCP-Medical have every feature you need as you buff back up. Scoop yours up today at: https://lcp-medical.com/

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