In today?s changing healthcare landscape, doctors and organizations are developing a wealth of resources for patient education. ?Many of these new tools are driven by patients? desire for more accessible, immediate information. Healthy TXT? is one resource helping patients better communicate with their doctors.

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Healthy TXT?, founded by Dr. Vishal Mehta, who was a guest on Sports Medicine Weekly, provides a unique avenue for communication between physicians and patients. Doctors are able to send their patients information via text messaging, mobile voice app, email, video, or website. Dr. Mehta formed the company to improve doctor-patient communication and ensure that patients receive relevant, targeted information related to their medical procedure or condition.

According to Healthy TXT, patients can forget up to 80% of what was discussed with their doctor after they leave the office. Having a venue to store and share medical information, including audio of appointment conversations, keeps patients engaged when they are at the doctor?s office and informed when they are at home.

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