Telehealth Visits Are Now Available!

Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy, and its network of partners across the country, are?proud to announce the launch of virtual care, telehealth solutions for physical and occupational therapy visits.?Our virtual physical therapy options will enable our dedicated clinicians to provide our patients with an effective, remote, safe, and highly accessible option to continue receiving care during the COVID-19 pandemic.?Virtual appointments are now available through Ivy Rehab’s virtual care platform.

Virtual care/telehealth visits will allow patients to connect with licensed physical and occupational therapists to engage in individualized, home-based treatment programs through a secure video-call system.?Michael Rucker, Ivy Rehab’s CEO says, “Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy’s Telehealth program provides our patients with the chance to continue to improve functionality, strength, and mobility, and offers a way to stay active during these trying times. While this solution is not meant to replace in-person, hands-on treatment sessions, it does provide an effective means to sustain the well-being of our patients at a time when maintaining focus on overall health is of the utmost importance.”

What is a telehealth (video) visit?
A video visit is basically the same as an office visit, but instead of seeing us at our clinic, you will use our telehealth app to have a digital “face-to-face” session with your therapist. Once connected, your therapist will assess your condition and provide real-time guidance and feedback, while actively taking you through your therapy session.

How can I schedule a video visit?
It’s really simple. All you have to do is call our clinic or?complete a request form?and ask for a video visit and we will take care of the rest.

How do I connect?
Follow the link:?Here’s how you connect?

What types of therapy appointments can I schedule as video visits?
Physical, occupational and speech therapy are all available through Ivy’s telehealth app technology.

Will I be able to see my everyday therapist through telehealth?
Yes! All appointments are “live” and this innovation allows you to interact directly with your regular therapist through telehealth.

Will my insurance plan cover my video visit?
Insurance coverage for physical, occupational and speech therapy services provided through telehealth is rapidly changing on a daily basis. We are finding great support from the payer community in covering these visits, with some payers even waiving copays for patients who choose telehealth during the COVID-19 crisis. We will work directly with you through one of our friendly teammates to review your insurance coverage and give you all of the information that you need to make the best decision for your care.

How does a video visit work?
Our telehealth video visits use the Ivy Rehab Network app. You can?learn more about how our telehealth program works with this video.

What if I need an appointment and I want to see my therapist in-person?
Nearly all of our outpatient clinics remain open and available for physical therapy during the coronavirus for both active and new patients. We assure you that we are going above and beyond with safety procedures and cleaning processes, taking every step to protect your health. Some of the precautions we are taking to keep our patients and visitors safe in this changing environment can be?viewed here.?For the latest information on temporary closings or adjusted hours,?please visit here.

What can a therapist treat through telehealth?
Nearly any rehabilitation treatment can be performed through telehealth capabilities. Whether you underwent a recent knee replacement surgery, have any sort of chronic condition, joint pain, or chronic pain, this cutting-edge technology will allow an experienced therapist to treat you virtually so you Ivy Rehab Networkachieve your goals. In this virtual environment, clinicians will educate patients and give you the exercises and training you need to improve your current state and reduce pain. This patient-centered program is all about you; you’ll be empowered and trained by a professional therapist who will give you the activities and strategies you may need to do the exercises properly. Through the secure video call system, they will be able to provide monitoring and evaluation to ensure a quality experience that allows you to feel better, faster with long term results.

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