Power Up with Phytonutrients

Powerful nutrients to support your overall health and longevity Phytonutrients are nutrients found in plant foods. Phyto means “plant”, and nutrient refers to “a substance

Teen Girls’ Poor Diets Are Worrying Doctors

Doctors and nutrition experts are increasingly alarmed by the widespread low intake of key nutrients among preteen and teen girls, and are warning that poor

Nutritional Strategies for Healthy Aging

Over the last century, the human lifespan has undergone dramatic changes. At the start of the 20th century, the average lifespan at birth for women

Great tips and gifts to live healthier lives in a healthy environment

EWG’s 12th Annual Earth Day Virtual Celebration  As a very proud member of The Environmental Working Group (EWG.org) Board of Directors, I am very honored

Not all fat is created equal!

The unique vegetable source fatty acids in MCT Lean MCT Oil provides you with cleaner—and more rapidly utilized—energy to fuel your life. This is because

How to Love Your Heart

How often do you actually think about the function of your heart? It’s a pretty incredible organ, beating up to 140,000 times a day in a

5 Foods to Boost Your Immune System

As many of us are confined to our homes, we’re all trying to find ways to keep our bodies and minds strong and healthy. While

The Toll of Fried Foods on Heart Health

Eating fried foods increased the risk of heart disease, stroke, heart failure and premature death. Most of us know that a diet rich in fried

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