What’s the Future of Group Exercise Classes?

In February and March, 112 people were infected with the Covid-19 virus in South Korea because of Zumba classes. During 24 days in February and

Why I Stopped Running During the Pandemic (and How I Started Again)

Waiting to feel better wasn’t working. I had to act. When the pandemic hit I was 35 and in the surprise athletic prime of my life. First

How Are Sports Teams Weathering The Financial Challenges Posed By Covid-19?

The World Indoor Championships in Nanking, the Rome Marathon, and a plethora of Formula One Grand Prix events are just three of thousands of important

Ep 1: MLB Season opening with new COVID Protocols, by Dr. Nikhil Verma from Midwest Ortho

Dr. Nikhil Verma from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush and head team physician for the Chicago White Sox discusses how testing, contract tracing, vaccinations and precautions

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