Will Dissly Achilles Injury; Post-Marathon Injuries

Podcast with Steve and Dr. Cole discussing Will Dissly’s achilles tendon injury, the second season ending injury for Dissly. Dr. Cole talks about how Dissly’s

ATI’s Ellen Shanley on the association of lower extremity musculoskeletal injury with concussion

Podcast with Ellen Shanley, PHD, PT, OCS of ATI Physical Therapy joining Steve and Dr. Cole to discuss a recent study conducted at ATI on

Ankle Strengthening for Tumbling Athletes

Gymnasts and cheerleaders are two types of athletes whose sports require tumbling. Tumbling can range from cartwheels to more complex flips and twists. Regardless of

Ankle instability: Turning your ankle walking in the backyard?

How many times have you turned your ankle doing something as benign as walking in your backyard?  How about walking across a seemingly flat parking

Are You Putting Your Best Foot Forward On The Course?

English pro Ian Poulter had been dealing with nagging arthritis in his right foot for more than two years when the condition finally became too

Dr. Cole’s Non Operative Management of Osteoarthritis

What is Osteoarthritis (OA)? Gradual breakdown of articular cartilage and bones within a joint. Osteoarthritis is typically caused by wear and tear and worsens over

Achilles Tendinopathy in Runners: Your Aching Heel Pain Can Be Helped

Does the aching pain in your heel have you adjusting your training program this running season? Countless runners suffer from Achilles tendon injuries every year

Dr. Cole and Steve Kashul discuss Kevin Durant’s ruptured right Achilles Tendon

Podcast with Dr. Brian Cole and Steve Kashul as they discuss Kevin Durant’s  ruptured right Achilles tendon sustained on Monday night during Game 5 of

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