Ep. 16: Treating Athletes with a Cartilage Defect

Presented by MACI: In this episode, Dr. Cole explains common knee cartilage defects found in both athletes and active populations, how to decide on the

Baseball Player Returns to Sport After Knee Surgery

Maks’ Story At 6’ 5″ and 230 pounds, most coaches would love to have 16-year-old Maks Pierga on their team. In fact, while growing up

Top 5 Injuries in Baseball

While it is America’s favorite pastime, baseball is known for being a slower paced and long duration sport that can place strain on the body.

Trochlear dysplasia linked with patellofemoral cartilage lesions

In most knees, there is a groove on the end of the femur, called the trochlea, in which the kneecap sits. This provides a certain

What can cause pain in the back of the knee when straightening the leg?

When a person experiences pain in the back of their knee when straightening their leg, it is called posterior knee pain. Pain in the back

The 8 best knee stretches and exercises for knee pain relief

Regular lower body strengthening and stretching can take unwanted stressors off the knee joint, reducing pain. There are several exercises people can try. Doing knee

Ep 10: Knee Instability with guest Dr. Adam Yanke

In this episode, Dr. Cole and Steve discuss common causes of knee pain and instability with guest Dr. Adam Yanke from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush.

Donation Comes Full Circle For Tissue Recipient Turned Doctor

As a soccer player for the University of Illinois, Rachel constantly pushed herself. Being active was crucial to her lifestyle both on and off the

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