Is the Posture Shirt the answer to chronic back problems?

The simple crystalline concept of what EBA does better than anyone in the world is posture. Posture is us. Posture brings alignment, balance, and increased

This Shirt Has Your Back — Literally

Your posture will thank you Companies are rolling out products aiming to banish bad posture — and the pain that comes with it. From trackers

Preventing Posture-Related Problems in the Workplace

Musculoskeletal complaints related to the workplace are common and account for approximately 40 percent of worker complaints according to statistics from the National Institute for

Here’s What Texting Really Does to Your Spine

This image will make you sit up straight, immediately! Pop quiz: Are you currently reading this while hunched over your phone? If so, here’s a

Risks of Extreme Sports & Benefits of Post-operative Rehab Devices

EPISODE 14.03: Dr. Vani Sabeson from Western Michigan University School of Medicine talks with Dr. Cole and Steve Kashul about her recent study of risks associated

With the Thrills Come Extreme Risks

By JANE E. BRODY  MARCH 31, 2014 Despite several well-publicized accidents, like the death last year of the snowmobiler Caleb Moore, just 25, the popularity of extreme

Causes, Treatment and Recovery of Neck & Spine Injuries

Dr. Kern Singh from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush discusses neck and spine injuries with a focus on Payton Manning’s prior injury and how he progressed

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