Role of the Physical Therapist in Concussion Management

Athletico’s Training Coordinator, Mike Palm, talks about concussion symptoms and the role of the Physical Therapist in diagnosis and treatment. Mike heads up the Athletico

Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund and Concussions in the Early Days of the NFL

Coach Mike Ditka talks about how concussions were managed in the early days of the NFL and helping retired players though the GGAF. The stories

The Physician’s Role in Concussion Management

Dr. Kathleen Weber discusses greater awareness of concussion symptoms along with the diagnosis, treatment, long term effects and future management. Dr. Weber, is the Director

What are the Special Problems for Young Athletes?

Dr. Jeffrey Mjaanes discusses Osgood Schlatter Disease, Overuse Injuries and Concussions in Young Athletes. Dr. Mjaanes is Assistant Professor, Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery and Pediatrics,

Are You Doing Worthless Exercises?

By Lisa Hoehn The Active Times Take a second to think about your gym routine (I’ll wait). Got it? Now, I bet you feel pretty

Hand Injuries – Physical Therapy vs. Occupational Therapy

Lisa Postlewait, Certified Occupational Therapist from Athletico discusses rehab from hand injuries and the objectives of Physical Therapy vs. Occupational Therapy.

Baseball Spring Training and Overuse Injuries in Young Players

A discussion with Dr. Charles Bush-Joseph on proper training and warm-ups for MLB players plus overuse and throwing injuries in young players. Dr. Bush-Joseph is

Heart Health Issues You Should Hear About

Dr. Annebelle Volgman, Professor of Medicine and Medical Director of the Heart Center for Women at Rush University Medical Center, discusses Atrial Fibrillation and other

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