SMW Ep. 24 Maximizing Recovery with Patrick Pauley M.S., ATC, PES, FRCms

In this episode, we talk with Patrick Pauley, an athletic trainer specializing in fitness, injury prevention, and sports performance, about how to use a system

Running injuries can be prevented. Here’s how.

Many running injuries are due to overuse and/or improper training. Up to 70% of recreational and competitive distance runners sustain an overuse running injury during

Causes of Pain in the Middle of the Bicep and Their Treatment

Various things can cause pain in the middle of the bicep, which is the muscle at the front of the upper arm. Muscle strains and

How Walking Can Build Up the Brain

Older men and women who walked for six months showed improvements in white matter and memory, while those who danced or did stretching exercises did

How to Identify and Treat a Hyperextended Elbow

Elbow hyperextension happens when your elbow joint is bent beyond its normal range of motion. This type of injury can damage the ligaments and bones

Treating Sports Injuries: Facebook Live with Dr. Brian Cole During this Facebook Live broadcast, take the opportunity to ask Dr. Brian Cole about your sports injury questions. Dr. Cole is head team physician

Wide Awake Surgery

What is wide awake surgery? Wide awake surgery is a surgery performed with the patient completely awake using only local anesthesia. Normally, surgery is performed using

Don’t Let Shoulder Pain Sideline Summer Fun

Whether your “go-to” sport is baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball or basketball, they all carry one common thread: dynamic overhead use of the shoulder.  Getting back

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