Top 5 Ways to Stretch Upper Back to Get Pain Relief

Do you suffer from backaches and pains despite your best efforts? If you’re left wondering what else you can do to mitigate back pain, try

Five of the Most Common Tennis Injuries

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, a game played by thousands of people every day. Professional tennis players put their

Returning to Sports After a Back Injury – 10 Things to Keep in Mind

If you were to ask someone working at a molecular diagnostic company about the worst kind of injuries for an athlete, they are likely to

Ask The Doctor: ACL Tears — Your Treatment Options

Presented by Vericel: In this Episode, Dr. Brian Cole explains tears to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), which impacts around 500,000 people each year. Learn about

5 Ways To Prevent Sports-Related Foot Injuries

Playing sports helps people create a sense of community. Moreover, sports promote fitness, they’re enjoyable, and they’re a channel for developing careers for people gifted


Why Variety In Sports is Essential For Kids Are you hoping your son will be the next LeBron James or Clayton Kershaw? Does your daughter

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