Ep 3: Ask the Doctor about Shoulder Injuries and Bone Bruises in Young Athletes

Dr. Brian Cole from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush University Medical Center talks with his co-host Steve Kashul about the causes, symptoms and treatment for shoulder

Everything to know about rotator cuff surgery

Some rotator cuff injuries may require surgery when nonsurgical treatments have not worked, but evidence suggests that nonsurgical treatments can help with most cases. The

Causes of Shoulder Pain and Treatment Options

Everything you need to know about shoulder pain Shoulder pain has many different causes and treatments. It isn’t easy to know the difference between different

Patients Share Ski and Snowboard Advice

At Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, we love ski and snowboard season, but professionally, it can be a very busy time. We treat many snow sport-related

Types of Intermittent Fasting and Who Should be doing it, by Karen Malkin

Fasting for 24 hours? Different types of intermittent fasting and who should be doing it. With Karen Malkin, Board Certified Health and Nutrition Coach. Karen

Ep 1: MLB Season opening with new COVID Protocols, by Dr. Nikhil Verma from Midwest Ortho

Dr. Nikhil Verma from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush and head team physician for the Chicago White Sox discusses how testing, contract tracing, vaccinations and precautions

The business of organ and tissue donation with Kevin Cmunt; How Pitchers should Train with Athletico

Kevin Cmunt and Shannon Wyatt, from Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network, discuss the logistics of tissue donation and the emotional stories that

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