Prevention and Treatment of ACL Injuries

This Podcast features ACL Specialist, Cindy Krebsbach from Athletico Physical Therapy, talking about how to reduce your risk of ACL injuries. Cindy discusses with Dr.

Common Baseball-Overuse Injuries

This Podcast features Eric Krol from Athletico Physical Therapy joining Steve and Dr. Cole to discuss repetitive-overuse injuries in throwing athletes. With opening day come

Telehealth at Athletico

Podcast with Tim McDevitt, Senior VP of Value-Based Services for Athletico, joining Steve and Dr. Cole to discuss telehealth and virtual visits at Athletico Physical

Winter Running Tips with Athletico

Podcast with Karen Shanahan PT, DPT, ATC, and Facility Manager from Athletico Lake Hills joining Dr. Verma and Steve to discuss winter running tips including

Running Recovery Tips with Karen Shanahan of Athletico

Podcast with Karen Shanahan PT, DPT, ATC joining Steve and Dr. Cole to talk about how to handle soreness leading up to a big running

Podcast on Physical Therapy for Joffrey Ballet

Rachel Wise, Physical Therapist with Athletico and the Joffrey Ballet joins Dr. Brian Cole and Steve Kashul to discuss physical therapy for dancers. They discuss

Podcast on How Sleep can affect Athletic Performance

Tara Hackney PT, DPT, OCS, KTTP from Athletico Physical Therapy discusses how athletes quality of sleep can affect their performance -plus- the best sleep positions

Podcast on Athletico’s Overhead Athlete Program

Patrick Pauley from Athletico Physical Therapy talks with Steve and Dr. Cole about the unique characteristics of the Overhead Athlete, types of overhead throwing injuries;

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