Ep 4: Karen Malkin discusses Inflammation, Stress, Sleep, Toxins and much more

Certified Integrative Health Coach, Karen Malkin from Karen Malkin Health Counseling talks about the types, causes and treatment for chronic inflammation; how we can manage

Types of Intermittent Fasting and Who Should be doing it, by Karen Malkin

Fasting for 24 hours? Different types of intermittent fasting and who should be doing it. With Karen Malkin, Board Certified Health and Nutrition Coach. Karen

Evaluating Nutrition Bars with Karen Malkin; Who should do CrossFit with Dr. Brian Cole

Nutrition Bars are not always Nutritious: How to spot the difference by Karen Malkin, Board Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, gives us tips to identify healthy

About Plantar Fasciitis with Athletico; Athlete Mental Health with Natalie Graves

Sarah Ryerson, Physical Therapist at Athletico, explains plantar fasciitis and its effects on the body. She tells us how the Graston Technique, dry needling, and

Why Sweat Testing Matters with Gatorade Sports Science Institute

Interview with Linda Samuels from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute: What information the sweat analysis test collects and how it can improve performance of all-level

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