There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Definition of Healthy

There are certain ideas and ideals that are tied to what “healthy” actually means; we think that in order to be healthy, women need to

Are Plant Milks Good for You?

They can be, but in most cases, they should not be considered a nutritional substitute for dairy. Gone are the days when the most complicated

Power Up with Phytonutrients

Powerful nutrients to support your overall health and longevity Phytonutrients are nutrients found in plant foods. Phyto means “plant”, and nutrient refers to “a substance

New Scientific Findings On The Benefits Of Coffee

Around seven in 10 Americans drink coffee every week, and 62% enjoy a cup of their favorite brew every day – as reported by The National

Teen Girls’ Poor Diets Are Worrying Doctors

Doctors and nutrition experts are increasingly alarmed by the widespread low intake of key nutrients among preteen and teen girls, and are warning that poor

Nutritional Strategies for Healthy Aging

Over the last century, the human lifespan has undergone dramatic changes. At the start of the 20th century, the average lifespan at birth for women

Great tips and gifts to live healthier lives in a healthy environment

EWG’s 12th Annual Earth Day Virtual Celebration  As a very proud member of The Environmental Working Group ( Board of Directors, I am very honored

Reverse Engineering Longevity

Blue Zones Power 9: Lifestyle Habits of the World’s Healthiest, Longest-Lived People  Life expectancy of an American born today averages 78.2 years. But this year,

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