Best Nutritional Cleanse Practices & Benefits of Plyometric Training for Throwing Athletes

Episode 14.14 Segment One – Karen Malkin, Certified Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coach, discusses Nutritional Cleanses and the best methods to increase metabolism, achieve weight

LIBERATE YOURSELF – The Key to Food Freedom

By Karen Malkin HC, AADP – Karen Malkin Health Counseling Are you tired of obsessing over what goes in your mouth? Does counting calories wear

Strength vs. Cardio Training & Novice Runner Injuries

Episode 14.13 Segment One – Jim Karas, Lifestyle Fitness Expert and Personal Trainer, discusses his Cardio-Free Philosophy and how it can change your perception of the preferred workout

Discussions on Sleep Deprivation, Huntington’s Disease & World Cup Soccer Injuries

Episode 14.12 Segment One – Sleep Deprivation and Sleep Patterns in Children Dr. Cole and Steve Kashul discuss sleep deprivation with Dr. Jason Ong from

Avoiding Soccer Related Injuries

By Michelle Helberg from Athletico Strains and sprains can occur in any sport, but why are certain ones more common with particular sports? With the World

Accelerated offers Running Evaluation/Training Program

Attention Runners! Accelerated Physical Therapy offers an assessment tool for runners to identify flexibility, range of motion, muscular strength and running pattern. The runner is

Use yoga to prevent running injuries

Yoga is a perfect complement to running, and integrating a yoga practice into your weekly fitness plan is an excellent way to safeguard against injuries.

Recurring ACL Defects; NBA Combine Process; Loaded Movement Training

Episode 14.09 Segment One – ACL Surgical Failures Darren Roberts, Education Coordinator for TheraTech Equipment and Dr. Amelia Wiggins,  former Collegiate Division 1 Soccer player at Louisville

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