Sleeping Masks Improve the Quality of Sleep

Those who find themselves tossing and turning at night have probably wondered what they could do to improve their quality of sleep. Many of the

How Can Wearables Become Your Personal Trainer?

For the longest time, one of the main obstacles to becoming fit, except for motivation, was the affordability of personal trainers. A session with a

Ep. 22: How Sleep Improves Recovery & What You Can Do To Sleep Better

In this episode, Dr. Brian Cole discusses the importance of sleep and how it impacts stress, muscle recovery, memory, immune system, mood, and much more.

8 Tips to Sleep Better at Night

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, sleep is just as important as diet and exercise. But despite its role as a contributing factor

How Top Athletes Incorporate Proper Sleep Routines for Better Performance

To be a top athlete means to always look for an edge over the competition. As athletic performance continues to be studied, physicians and trainers

5 Simple Tips for Improving Your Health

You might not be aware of this, but your health is one of the most valuable things that you have. Having millions of dollars, a

Living Healthy: Better Habits You Can Pick Up

We all want to look and feel better every day, but the endless choices we have to make each day make it harder to be

8 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep at Night

A proper good night’s sleep is one of the essential things in our lives. It allows us to rest and refill our energy. However, there

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