Ask the Doctor-Topics: Supplementing Vegetarian Diets; Making up for Lost Sleep; Microwaving Food

This Podcast segment of ‘Ask the Doctor’ addresses questions submitted by Sports Medicine Weekly followers. Dr. Brian Cole and Steve Kashul discuss the above topics: Sports Medicine

Tired and stressed? These tweaks to your diet can help

Feeling tired and frazzled can lead to side-stepping healthy habits, like exercise and eating well. These diet strategies can help you stress less and sleep

The best thing you can do for your health: sleep well

‘A consistent seven to nine-hour sleep each night is the most effective thing we can do to reset our brain and body health’ Do you

Recovery Is A Key To Peak Performance

By Sideline Sports Doc: It’s easy to ignore proper recovery when you’re in the middle of a busy season, or if you’re preparing for an

Podcast on How Sleep can affect Athletic Performance

Tara Hackney PT, DPT, OCS, KTTP from Athletico Physical Therapy discusses how athletes quality of sleep can affect their performance -plus- the best sleep positions

Tips to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Tips to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

By Karen Malkin Health Counseling  In an ideal world, you’d simply drop off into a peaceful slumber every night, however, sleep—or a lack of good

Podcast on fatigue that cannot be resolved by sleep

Dr. Brian Cole and Steve Kashul talk with Dr. Gina Sirchio about the common reasons for fatigue and when fatigue is not resolved by additional  hours

Does Sleep Help You Lose Weight? Podcast

Dr. Cole explains how getting enough sleep can help weight loss by managing hormone levels to help regulate appetite. The importance of growth hormone levels

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