Why Cycling Is Great for the Over Sixties

Few people would dispute that cycling is a good form of exercise, but the huge benefits it can have on our physical and mental health

Cycling 1,200 Miles After Two Hip Replacements

Cycling 1,200 Miles After Two Hip Replacements

When recently asked how he’s doing, Park Ridge resident Craig Petersen, 57, answered, “slightly more than fantastic!” Asked what elicits such a positive response, Petersen

Podcast on The Power of Simulated Altitude Training for Athletes at all levels

Dr. Gregory Nicholson and Steve Kashul talk with Sharone Aharone about the power of simulated altitude training for pro athletes and well as weekend warriors.

2018 Texas 4000 Team Rolls Into Chicago As Part of A 70-Day Journey to Alaska for 15th Annual Ride Benefiting Cancer Research

More than 60 college students participate in longest annual charity bike ride in the world. This summer, more than 60 students from The University of

Preventing Cycling Arm and Hand Injuries

By Janet Apgar, OTR/L, CHT, ASTYM-cert for Athletico Physical Therapy As spring brings warmer weather and adds daylight hours, biking fever spreads! Although biking is


RECIPIENT OF: PATELLA LIGAMENT ALLOGRAFT H.C. Martensen works in the AlloSource tissue processing core where he is faced with the powerful realities and possibilities of

Loosen Up Tight Quads With a Yoga Sequence

Everyone holds stress and tension in different parts of their body, but the quadriceps can be a tricky situation for active people. While everyone will

Spin Workouts: Learn the Benefits and Limitations

By Tara Hackney for Athletico Physical Therapy Spin cycle studios seem to be on every other corner these days. This popular workout involves a stationary

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