Best Stretches for your Golf Game

By ATI Physical Therapy: How often do we find ourselves full-throttling it to the course, quickly slipping on the cleats and running at the pace

Do I Have Golfer’s Elbow?

Golfers who play on a regular basis are bound to experience injuries from time to time. One common condition among golfers is medial epicondylitis, a

Podcast on How to Prepare for the Golf Season

TJ Sullivan, Director of Instruction and Center Manager of GOLFTEC in Oak Brook, Illinois, discusses how best to prepare for the upcoming golf season. T.J.

Podcast on Off Season Golf Tips from the Professionals

Dr. Chuck Bush-Joseph and Steve Kashul discuss off season golf tips from the professionals with Dr. Grant Garrigues from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush and Joe

Podcast on Off-season Training for Amateur Golfers

Dr. Nikhil Verma from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush and Steve Kashul talk with James Standhardt about workout programs for amateur golfers leading into the off-season. James

Podcast with Pro Golfer Fred Funk on Bouncing Back from Injury

Steve Kashul has a great conversation with Fred Funk. Fred discussed all of the injuries he has experienced as a pro golfer and the success

Podcast on Golfers Making A Safe Return To Play

Avoid swing issues and prevent future injury Dr. Cole and Steve discuss  how golfers can safely return to play after an injury or surgery. Justin Bentley of GolfTec

Best Stretches for your Golf Game

Best Stretches for your Golf Game Chicago | Benefits of Pre & Post Round Stretches By Brian Rog, Eric Buck MBA, ATC and Tyler Nohren,

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