How One EXOS Coach Helped a Pro Soccer Team Reach New Heights

By Tia Albright for EXOS As a fitness coach with the German men’s national team and EXOS since 2010, Benjamin Kugel’s made his mark with

Discussions on Sleep Deprivation, Huntington’s Disease & World Cup Soccer Injuries

Episode 14.12 Segment One – Sleep Deprivation and Sleep Patterns in Children Dr. Cole and Steve Kashul discuss sleep deprivation with Dr. Jason Ong from

Avoiding Soccer Related Injuries

By Michelle Helberg from Athletico Strains and sprains can occur in any sport, but why are certain ones more common with particular sports? With the World

Preparation for Weekend Warriors & Treatment for Joint Swelling

Episode 14.08 Segment One – Preparation for Weekend Warriors Christine Licata, Physical Therapist with ATI Physical Therapy discusses the risks for Weekend/Summer Warrior who become

Back to Scoring Goals after Knee Surgery for OCD

In the spring of 2012, I had an MRI for a pulled ITB/hamstring injury and it was discovered I had stage 3/4 left knee OCD (osteochondritis

How does Sleep Deprivation Affect Performance? & Quad Dominance: A Known Injury Risk Factor

Episode 14.07 Segment One-Sleep Deprivation: Dr. Jason Ong from Rush University Medical Center discusses sleep disorders and how they can affect overall sports performance, moods

Ask the Doctor: How can You Diagnose & Treat Turf Toe?

I’m a high school basketball player. My big toe really swells up and hurts after practice and games. The strange thing is that I can’t

Gender Differences in Concussion Recovery & Throwing Injuries

Episode 14.06  Dr.Jeffrey Mjaanes discusses the difference in frequency, severity and duration of concussions between boys and girls and how to improve diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

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