Don’t Let Shoulder Pain Sideline Summer Fun

Whether your “go-to” sport is baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball or basketball, they all carry one common thread: dynamic overhead use of the shoulder.  Getting back

Stretch, then Swing!

We have all heard the old adage, “You are what you eat.” The nutrients that you put into your body dictate your overall health, function

Top 5 Ways to Stretch Upper Back to Get Pain Relief

Do you suffer from backaches and pains despite your best efforts? If you’re left wondering what else you can do to mitigate back pain, try

What to Look for in a Physical Therapist

Not all P.T.s are created equal. Find a professional who values evidence over anecdote. In some instances, physical therapy can be as effective as surgery,

Returning to Sports After a Back Injury – 10 Things to Keep in Mind

If you were to ask someone working at a molecular diagnostic company about the worst kind of injuries for an athlete, they are likely to

Ask The Doctor: ACL Tears — Your Treatment Options

Presented by Vericel: In this Episode, Dr. Brian Cole explains tears to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), which impacts around 500,000 people each year. Learn about

Inflammation and Injuries: What Could be Causing Recurring Issues

That nagging case of tendinitis has flared up again, throwing you off your game and keeping you away from the sport you love. These recurrent

Ep. 17: Icing Your Pitching Arm — Does It Work?

In this episode, Dr. Brian Cole and Steve discuss icing a pitcher’s arm and the perceived benefits. However, no published peer-reviewed research has shown definitively

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