Overuse can Contribute to High Rate of Arm Injuries among Youth Players

With spring baseball season underway, Eric Makhni, M.D., a Henry Ford Health System sports medicine orthopedic surgeon, warns about how overuse can contribute to the

Baseball Player Returns to Sport After Knee Surgery

Maks’ Story At 6’ 5″ and 230 pounds, most coaches would love to have 16-year-old Maks Pierga on their team. In fact, while growing up

The Rise Of The Maximalist Running Shoe

Heavily cushioned running shoes have become more popular, after several years in which minimalist shoes were common; The cushioned shoes are a response to discomfort

Teen Girls’ Poor Diets Are Worrying Doctors

Doctors and nutrition experts are increasingly alarmed by the widespread low intake of key nutrients among preteen and teen girls, and are warning that poor

COVID Effects On The Athlete’s Heart

Athletes who test positive for COVID-19 have a high rate of return to sports, however, a small percentage may have damage to heart muscle tissue.

D1-Bound Volleyball Player Hitting the Court Again After Knee Surgery

An estimated 500,000 U.S. high school students play competitive volleyball — and four times as many of them are girls. With that many kids playing

Knee Injuries Seen in Gymnasts

Knee pain in young gymnasts is a common complaint. Many times these young athletes begin having pain due to overuse of the area. A common

Ep 3: Ask the Doctor about Shoulder Injuries and Bone Bruises in Young Athletes

Dr. Brian Cole from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush University Medical Center talks with his co-host Steve Kashul about the causes, symptoms and treatment for shoulder

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