Steve and Dr. Cole talk with Matthew Vuckovich, Founder of Exclusive Medical Advisors about the process of preparing and guiding graduating surgeons to navigate the best placement options; interview preparation; job search preparation and many other elements of the process. Related post-interview with Dr. Cole>>

After countless hours talking to graduating surgical Residents and Fellows across the country, Matthew was shocked that the soon-to-be highest earners in the healthcare industry were more like a deer in headlights then a well seasoned business professional in their 30?s. Understanding there was a major disconnect, he realized that a new way of thinking was needed to help guide these brilliant minds in an unfamiliar arena. Thus, the?#SurgeonAgent?and Exclusive Medical Advisors was created in November 2019.Matthew Vuckovich

As a former Major League Baseball sports agent, representing 1st Round Draft picks and Major League players for over a decade, he felt obliged to provide his experience and expertise as a sports agent to young surgeons entering the professional job market for the first time. He would no longer let the graduating Resident or Fellow accept the status quo by providing them the fundamental business knowledge and support to properly navigate the career search process.

Matthew found that whether the graduating Resident or Fellow was looking for a job, currently in the interview process, or reviewing job offers and negotiating contracts, guidance was needed. For the first time in healthcare history, the?#SurgeonAgent?is putting the power of business knowledge into the hands of our young surgeons.

Matthew Vuckovich, the #SurgeonAgent and Founder of Exclusive Medical Advisors, discusses the fundamental business knowledge for Residents and Fellows entering the professional job market. He explores the careers and experiences of the world’s most renowned specialty surgeons, providing insight into what it takes to be a successful surgeon in the 21st century.

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