Adding Dynamic Stretching to Your Marathon Race Routine

by Mia Cleary from Athletico You have been training for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon for months and are about to enter the final

Concussion: When Do I Pull My Athlete Out?

By ATI Physical Therapy Concussions continue to be a hot topic on the sidelines and in the news, especially now that we are in the

Meet The Painted Warrior

By CorePower Who Is The Painted Warrior? You may have seen him at a Spartan Race, or on social media. Half man, half art project,

Are You Craving Caffeine and Sugar, or Simply More Zzzs?

By?Karen Malkin, HC, AADP Does this sound familiar? It?s 10:30 pm. You know you should go to bed (maybe you?re even stifling a yawn), but

Hip Labral Tears: What Effect Does Specialized Rehab Have?

By Accelerated Rehab With the NFL season in full swing now the prevalence of injuries during games and practice unfortunately become almost a daily occurrence

Zipping Back to an Active Life after Shoulder Surgery

My name is Shea McGovren. I am a daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend, niece, cousin, granddaughter and health care provider. I love to laugh, waterski, snowski,

Torn Hip Labrum, Hip Arthroscopy

What happened to Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitski? How soon will he be back on the field after hip surgery? By Dr. Shane Jay Nho

Knee Pain- When to Seek a Professional

By?Michelle Helberg, MBA, ATC, EMT-B from Athletico With fall sports underway, injuries are prone to happen.? With the cutting, twisting and tackling movements that occur

What is Kinesio Taping?

Have you ever wondered about the brightly colored tape that adorns the shoulders and knees of?athletes?? It’s called Kinesio Tape. Check out this video by

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