Ask the Doctor Podcast

Psychology in treating patients; Common sports injuries including sports hernia, jumper’s knee, shin splints, broken ribs, jammed fingers, shoulder dislocations, pulled muscles. This regular segment

Podcast on Training for the Adult Endurance Athlete

Steve and Dr. Cole talk with?Chris Palmquist?to discuss the benefits of Diversified Training for Adult Endurance Athletes, how training changes over the course of a

Podcast on NBA Player Recovery & Performance after Achilles Tendon Injury

Steve and Dr. Cole talk with Dr. Johnny Lin from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush about Achilles injuries: how it differs from other injuries and why

Jabari Parker and his fresh start with the Chicago Bulls after 2 ACL Injuries on the Same Knee: Podcast

Steve and Dr. Cole talk with Jabari Parker about his past experience with 2 ACL injuries in the same knee, returning to play after signing

Ask the Doctor Podcast

Strained piriformis muscle leading to sciatica pain; Chronic pain under the knee cap after cartilage transplant surgery; Diagnosing bone bruises; Knee pain when inactive that

Podcast on How Specialization in Young Athletes Leads to Injuries and Burnout

Dr. Brian Cole and Steve Kashul talk with Dr. James Andrews about how specialization in young athletes leads to injuries and burnout in part 2

Podcast with Chip Schaefer, Director of Sports Performance with the Chicago Bulls: Advances in Technology

Chip Schaefer returns to @ChicagoBulls for a second stint with the team as Director of Sports Performance and enters his 26th season in the #NBA,

Podcast on Tommy John Surgery-Treating Elbow Injuries in MLB Pitchers

Dr. Mark Cohen?from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, Dr. @BrianCole and @SteveKashul?discuss?the causes of, and the progress made over the years with #TommyJohn surgery.?Dr. Cohen addresses

Podcast on Eating Psychology with Certified Integrative Health Coach Karen Malkin

Dr. Brian Cole MD from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush and Steve Kashul discuss the importance of reducing your toxic load with Karen Malkin. Included in

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