Podcast on Overuse Sports Injuries In Children & Warning Signs You Need To Know

With Tara?Hackney PT, DPT, OCS, KTTP, a physical therapy specialist?practicing at Athletico in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Dr. Brian Cole MD at?Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush,?Steve Kashul

Ask the Doctor Podcast

This week Dr. Cole addresses The Score’s board producer Shane Riordan’s question regarding a dislocated shoulder while playing 16″ softball. This regular segment addresses questions

Podcast on Strength & Conditioning with Chicago White Sox Director

Dr. Brian Cole MD from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush & Steve Kashul discuss how Allan Thomas keeps the Chicago White Sox healthy and strong during

Podcast on Better Recruiting for College-Bound Athletes

Dr. Brian Cole MD from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush?& Steve Kashul ?discuss Julian Beckwith’s responsibilities at NCSA and it’s goal to make recruiting better for

Podcast on Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning with Dr. Chris Stout

Dr. Brian Cole & Steve Kashul discuss how predictive analytics and machine learning are changing the face of health care with Dr. Chris Stout, Vice

Podcast on How To Reduce Your Toxic Body Burden

Dr. Brian Cole MD Midwest Orthopaedicsat Rush?& Steve Kashul discuss with Karen how to reduce your toxic body burden by following?simple steps outlined in Karen?s?Transformation

Podcast on Cross Fit Coaching & Competition After Injury

Haley Kopach‘s coaching and competition comeback.? Dr. Brian Cole MD and Steve Kashul discuss Haley’s labral tear surgery & recovery with Dr. Shane Nho. Haley

Podcast with Pro Golfer Fred Funk on Bouncing Back from Injury

Steve Kashul has a great conversation with Fred Funk. Fred discussed all of the injuries he has experienced as a pro golfer and the success

Ask the Doctor Podcast

Restarting a training program after a period of inactivity; Knee and shoulder pain This regular segment addresses questions sent in by Sports Medicine Weekly followers.

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