Train for Prevention of ACL Injuries

Discussion with Mike Headtke from Athletico, Certified Sports Matrix Instructor for ACL injury prevention. How to train properly to avoid ACL tears, rehab after ACL


Crain’s Chicago Business hosts a moderated panel discussion examining issues affecting physicians and practices under the Affordable Care Act, including: population health, workforce issues and

Preventing Injuries in Young Athletes

Andrews Institute Teams Up with Community to STOP Sports Injuries Each year more than 3.5 million children aged 14 and younger are treated for sports-related

ACSM Fit Society Page: January 2014 Men’s Health

The theme of this issue is “Men’s Health“. Article topics?in this issue include physical activity with osteoarthritis, high-intensity interval training, low testosterone?and exercise, work-life balance,

Reviewing All Levels of Play for Hockey Injuries

Mike Schroeder, Regional Athletic Training Coordinator at Athletico, discusses hockey injuries at all levels of play. [08:23] .

Uses and Value of MRI Scans for Professional Athletes

Dr. Brian Cole describes how MRI is used in preseason physicals to observe potential problems where no apparent symptoms are present. MRI is also used

Hydration, Equipment, Weather Conditions Are Keys To Safe Winter Sports

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Many families will be spending the December holidays in snow or cold weather.? Be sure to

Are You Doing Worthless Exercises?

By Lisa Hoehn The Active Times Take a second to think about your gym routine (I’ll wait). Got it? Now, I bet you feel pretty

Baseball Spring Training and Overuse Injuries in Young Players

A discussion with Dr. Charles Bush-Joseph on proper training and warm-ups for MLB players plus overuse and throwing injuries in young players. Dr. Bush-Joseph is

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