Preparation for Weekend Warriors & Treatment for Joint Swelling

Episode 14.08 Segment One – Preparation for Weekend Warriors Christine Licata, Physical Therapist with ATI Physical Therapy discusses the risks for Weekend/Summer Warrior who become

Back to Scoring Goals after Knee Surgery for OCD

In the spring of 2012, I had an MRI for a pulled ITB/hamstring injury and it was discovered I had stage 3/4 left?knee OCD (osteochondritis

How does Sleep Deprivation Affect Performance? & Quad Dominance: A Known Injury Risk Factor

Episode 14.07 Segment One-Sleep Deprivation: Dr. Jason Ong from Rush University Medical Center discusses sleep disorders and how they can affect overall sports performance, moods

Ask the Doctor: How can You Diagnose & Treat Turf Toe?

I’m a high school basketball player. My big toe really swells up and hurts after practice and games. The strange thing is that I can’t

Gender Differences in Concussion Recovery & Throwing Injuries

Episode 14.06? Dr.Jeffrey Mjaanes?discusses the difference in frequency, severity and duration of concussions between boys and girls and how to improve diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

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