What is Bromantane, you may ask Well, Bromantane, which trades as Ladasten, is a drug that’s believed to positively affect brain function in people.

Do you feel like you sometimes suffer from a lack of focus, or depression, and anxiety If some reports are anything to go by, then Bromantane is what you may need.

If you want to know more about Bromantane, here’s a great place to get started. Meanwhile, in this guide, you’ll get a clearer idea about this little-known drug.

What is Bromantane?

Bromantane is a drug that was developed in the 1980s by Russian scientists. It’s a nootropic drug that’s believed to enhance the body’s mental and physical performance by aiding brain neurotransmitters. In the 1980s, the drug improved the performance of the workers in Russia. Despite their stressful working environment, it’s reported that the drug enabled workers to focus better. It’s also reported that there was increased motivation and higher productivity in the workplace.

Because it’s in the nootropic family, Bromantane is sometimes referred to as a smart drug. Nootropics purportedly work in the brain’s hippocampus, controlling and regulating the production of neurotransmitters. This has been said to improve vitality and performance.

Ways to Take Bromantane

Bromantane comes as either a capsule or as a powder. It can be infused into a liquid of your choice. The capsules are usually 25 milligrams (mg) and can be taken with your meals. On the other hand, the powdered form is not as simple to take as its pill counterpart. Correct measurements of the powder ought to be taken each time. It’s advised not to take Bromantane before sleeping, as this may interrupt your usual sleeping pattern. It’s also recommended to consult your doctor before supplementing with this drug.

Uses of Bromantane

It’s reported that Bromantane is a performance-enhancing drug. This means it could stimulate your mental and physical activities. Some studies have suggested that it might help relieve fatigue, headaches, stress, and anxiety. It’s been reported that it could also improve brain function and learning abilities.

Additionally, Bromantane has also been said to enhance physical vitality and movement coordination. In countries like Russia, the drug has been approved as a treatment for neurasthenia, which is a condition that involves weakness of the nerves.


It’s recommended that 25mg per day of Bromantane be taken to start with. This is the lowest dose and can either be in capsule or powder form. The dosage may go as high as 1000 mg with time. Any dose above this is said to increase the risk of side effects.

Women are believed to metabolize Bromantane quicker than men, so you might want to adjust the dose of this drug according to your gender. It is, however, important to note that your dose has to be in consultation with a medical practitioner

Side Effects of Bromantane

Bromantane is said to have no addictive potential, and research done thus far shows that it doesn’t have serious side effects. Some users have reported having experienced brain fog, depression, and fatigue after the use of Bromantane.

Nonetheless, there hasn’t been sufficient research on Bromantane. Most of the trials have been conducted on rodents; therefore, its safety in humans is still uncertain. Consulting your doctor is important so that you know whether you can safely take this drug.

Where You Can Get Bromantane

Bromantane appears to be available for purchase online. The FDA is still testing the drug; therefore, it may not be available in registered stores yet. However, it’s recommended that you get a green light from a physician to use Bromantane.


Bromantane is a nootropic drug believed to enhance the mental and physical performance of the body. It’s also been used to help reduce the symptoms of depression such as anxiety, headaches, and poor mental balance. If you’ve ever suffered from any cognitive problems that could have caused a lack of focus, you may be interested in researching more about this drug. The current study results are showing promise, but it’s yet to be approved by the FDA. If you decide to use it, do so with the approval of your doctor.

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