Chronic knee pain is an issue affecting many people across the U.S., causing restricted mobility and even forcing people to give up the activities they love. While knee pain is common, it is often something that goes untreated for long periods of time generally due to wishing it would resolve itself or because people think they can just live with the pain. However, for specific injuries like damage to articular cartilage in the knee, treatment is necessary, as it does not heal on its own. Not treating this damage can also lead to further issues down the line.

To better understand perceptions around knee pain, Vericel, the manufacturer of MACI for the repair of symptomatic knee cartilage damage in adults, commissioned a survey with The Harris Poll, which gathered insights on how those with chronic* knee pain in the U.S. approach treatment, how quickly
they take action, their activity level, and what they know about their treatment options. With this survey data, Vericel aims to start a conversation about the importance of knowledge around treatment options and pursuing treatment earlier to address chronic knee pain related to cartilage damage.

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By not treating your knee pain ? especially if it is related to cartilage damage ? you can end
up with more serious concerns down the line, ultimately limiting the types of treatment options
available. If you?ve been diagnosed with articular cartilage damage in the knee, visit to see if MACI may be an option for you.
89% of knee pain sufferers wish they could find a long-term solution to their knee pain.
Don?t wait ? talk to your doctor today about your options.

MACI | autologous cultured chondrocytes on porcine collagen membrane

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