This Podcast Segment features Steve and Dr. Cole,? joined by Jon Boyd, CTBS, Director of Education & Certification for AATB- American Association of Tissue Banks to discuss Tissue Banking Technology and the work of?promoting the safety, quality and availability of donated human tissue.

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  • The American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) is a professional, non-profit, scientific and?Jon Boydeducational organization. It is one of the only national tissue banking organizations in the United States, and its membership totals approximately 120 accredited tissue banks and 2,000?individual?members.
  • These banks recover tissue from more than 58,000 donors and distribute in excess of 3.3 million allografts for more than 1.75 million tissue transplants performed annually in the U.S. The overwhelming majority of the human tissue distributed for transplant comes from AATB-accredited tissue banks.
  • AATB supports the advancement of tissue bank professionals and tissue banking technologies so no one suffers from the lack of donated human tissue.
  • The American Association of Tissue Banks is the premier standard setting body promoting the safety and use of donated human tissue.

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