Thanks to MACI, I am close to being back in the best shape of my life and each day I’m getting stronger and feeling better.

Motivation has never been an issue for Chris. Deployed in the Air Force, working out in the gym, or studying for the bar exam, he is always given it his best. Even when severe knee pain added to the strain of his missions, he was able to push through the pain. But when his doctor explained that his knee cartilage damage was so extensive, it was keeping him from performing at his desired activity level, Chris knew it was time to change tactics.

Unwilling to give up his active life, Chris researched treatment options with the help of his doctor. Together, they chose MACI, a procedure that would use his own cells to repair his damaged knee cartilage, relieving his pain and getting him back to his active life.

Learn more about Chriss journey through rehab and how he made his comeback with the help of MACI.

Knee cartilage damage didn’t hold them back. Hear how they overcame knee pain with the help of MACI.

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