Dr. Alex Bendersky, Director of Rehabilitation at Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy, explains the focus on Orthopedics for Ivy Rehab. He explains a high vs. low value physical therapy session, and the importance of patient compliance after procedures.? Visit https://www.ivyrehab.com/ to learn more.

Listen to the interview segment with Dr. Robert Spiro, Senior Vice President of Biologics, Development, Scientific, and Clinical Affairs of Aesculap Biologics. He explains why damaged cartilage is difficult to heal, why it?s important to treat, and the current ongoing clinical Novocart trial that analyzes cartilage growth and use during surgery. Visit https://www.aesculapbiologics.com/en.html for more info.

Ask the Doctor segment: Dr. Cole answers questions from listeners. Leg press injuries, open vs close chain exercises, cord blood banking, muscle soreness after exercise, and nutrition post-workout are all the topics covered.

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