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Segment One: Meniscus Transplant -?Allograft Tissue Recipient turned Doctor

meniscusDr. Rachel Frank talks about her?unique perspective on the use of donated tissue, as she herself is an Allograft recipient, as well as an orthopedic surgeon at Rush University Medical Center. When Rachel was in college, a meniscus injury sustained while playing Big Ten Soccer ultimately sidelined her from her active lifestyle. The process of receiving a meniscus allograft fueled her interest in orthopaedic sports medicine and she pursued her dream of becoming a doctor. Now Rachel works alongside the surgeon who helped her heal, Dr. Brian Cole, as an orthopedic resident at Rush University Medical Center and is able to use her personal Allograft experience to help her patients. READ THE FULL STORY>>

allograft meniscusLearn more about the gift of tissue donation and the importance of?donors at AlloSource and the Gift of Hope;?Related Podcast-Post: The Michael Collins Story.

Meniscus Transplant Procedure: Brochure and 3D Animation

Segment Two: Athletic Performance, Evaluation and Training

Mike Stella,?MA, ATC, PES, CES from Athletic Movement Protocol (AMP) discusses the AMP?Recovery Lab, how it differs from other sports medicine-training facilities; the methods they use to help athletes reach their health and fitness goals: functional movement screening and orthopedic assessment leading to a custom designed program.

Injury Treatment, Rehabilitation, Reconditioning.The AMP Recovery Lab is a membership based sports medicine service, located in Jericho, NY.? Our primary directive is to educate our clients on best practices in training, corrective exercise, and recovery, while working to prevent injuries in athletes and the physically active.? Our multidisciplinary approach utilizes the expertise of various fields, and brings it all together in a integrative training environment, modeled after elite division 1 and professional athletic organizations. The membership format gives AMP Members access to preventative care, manual therapies, corrective and rehabilitative exercise programming, recovery technology, and athletic injury reconditioning services based on the needs of the individual client.

How it works

All AMP athletes undergo a thorough evaluation process to identify and correct faulty movement patterns before they present as injury.? Utilizing information gathered from the evaluation, an AMP Recovery Lab ATC will work with your Performance Coach to create a unique and systematic plan to address your injury and performance concerns, and get you back in the game quickly, safely, and better than ever.? ?Our mantra is to be proactive regarding athletic injuries, not reactive, after all, it is far better to maintain the machine then wait for it to breakdown.


Every program designed at AMP pays careful attention to the corrections that athletes need to make in their posture, movement, and technique.
Every program designed at AMP pays careful attention to the corrections that athletes need to make in their posture, movement, and technique.

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