Podcast with?Dr. Jason Wersland Founder of Theragun? joining Steve and Dr. Cole to talk about the role of Theragun in training and muscle recovery. They discuss how a motorcycle accident led Dr. Jason to develop the Theragun prototype that has evolved into the current product, an innovator in percussive therapy.

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Dr. Jason Wersland ?Dr. Jason? is the founder and inventor of Theragun. Like so many before him, Dr. Jason embraced the mother of invention: necessity. His story began in 2007 when he survived a severe motorcycle accident that left him with debilitating, chronic pain. With nothing providing the long-term relief he needed, Dr. Jason got creative. He took a power tool from his shed?its up-and-down motion could travel deeper into his muscles?and modified it with a cushioned attachment.

This became the first prototype for Theragun in 2008, and marked the early beginnings of percussive therapy. Eight years and five prototypes later, Dr. Jason officially launched Theragun in 2016 and released the G1, the world?s first handheld percussive therapy device. The release of the G2PRO in 2017 cemented Theragun’s status as the world leader in percussive therapy.

Today, the award-winning G3PRO is the seventh-generation flagship percussive therapy device, and the G3 and liv have launched as new additions to the Theragun family. Dr. Jason continues to develop new advanced percussive therapy protocols that are proving to be successful in providing full-body tension relief and muscle relaxation.

  • Naturally relieves pain
  • Enhances performance and recovery
  • Relieves muscle tension & tightness
  • Energizes the body


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