Special Message from our Partner:


JRF Ortho is committed to using innovative solutions to respond to this ever-changing and fluid
environment. We are adapting to the challenges and preparing to continue providing the best
products for allograft joint repair with superior customer care.


JRF Ortho and its partners have a spotless track record of providing safe allograft tissue and adapting to multiple changes in potential risks posed by novel viruses such as MERS, West Nile, Zika, SARs, and now COVID-19. All JRF Ortho donors are from the continental United States. In collaboration with our donor recoveryand processing partners there are multiple changes regarding donor suitability, which have been inplace for several weeks in anticipation of a potential increase of COVID-19 in the United States.

For more specific details of these changes, please access the memo, which can be found on our home page: https://jrfortho.org/.


JRF Ortho greatly appreciates the shared commitment of our customers and partners to the responsible utilization of donated allograft tissue. We are in close communication with our customers and, subsequently, with our processing and industry partners to adjust the future supply of donor tissue. This includes deferring young donors to other uses instead of producing fresh OCA grafts that will not be utilized.

What is an allograft?

An allograft is tissue that is surgically transplanted from a deceased donor. Approximately one million allografts are transplanted each year in the United States. Examples of procedures using allografts: ACL repair, joint reconstruction in the knee and ankle, meniscal replacement, shoulder repair.


While everyone at JRF Ortho is healthy, we are monitoring the situation to ensure everyone?s safety so that we can continue to provide the superior customer care you are accustomed to. For example, we are working from home as recommended by our state government. We have canceled all travel for the foreseeable future, as have our processing partners. Additionally, we continue to utilize technology to conduct remote meetings with our team and our processing and industry partners.

For more specific details of changes regarding donor suitability, please read this memo.

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