What is mitral valve insufficiency?

Mitral insufficiency is a mitral valve pathology in which there is a reverse movement of blood from the left ventricle to the left atrium due to improper mitral valve cusps function. Because of mitral valve regurgitation, the heart cannot work properly.

The mitral valve insufficiency can be chronic or acute and, thus, requires different treatment approaches. This condition can also be congenital heart disease or it can be acquired as a complication of infectious diseases.

In the absence of effective treatment, this pathology can lead to the development of heart failure, and at advanced stages, it can be fatal. Early detection of this disease significantly increases the chances of successful treatment without surgery.

Mitral Valve Insufficiency Medical Treatment

Every year, around 6% of the world’s population over the age of 40 is diagnosed with valve disease. When there is a need for diagnosis making, medical care, and treatment, it is very important to choose an experienced doctor and a specialized medical center.

One of the best countries in the treatment of heart diseases today is Germany. Here you can undergo high-quality mitral valve insufficiency medical treatment in advanced medical centers. In addition, cardiovascular treatment here will be more cost-effective than in most European countries.


One of the main dangers of this pathology is that it is asymptomatic at its early stages. Often, symptoms of mitral valve insufficiency appear only at the advanced stages of the pathology.

The main manifestations of mitral valve insufficiency are dyspnea, edema, heart rhythm disturbances. In some patients, the defect can take its course without clinical symptoms for a long time, but sooner or later its presence leads to severe heart damage.

Untimely treatment leads to disability of patients, as they cannot get out of bed without shortness of breath, and the edema cannot be treated with diuretics.


At the initial stages, conservative medical treatment is performed. This therapy is aimed at alleviation of the main symptoms of heart failure and prevention of possible complications, but it cannot restore the valve function. The only method that allows improving intracardiac hemodynamics radically is valve repair or replacement.

Mitral valve replacement implies the substitution of the affected valve with an artificial construction, i.e. a prosthesis imitating the function of a natural valve. Another option of surgical treatment is mitral valve repair. In this way, a patients own valve is restored during the operation.

The surgeon chooses the method of surgical treatment depending on the results of the preoperative examination.

How can I get treatment abroad during a lockdown?

Until a year ago, patients from all over the world could freely visit the best European countries for treatment. However, today the situation looks a little different. Because of the worldwide lockdown, most countries have closed their borders for foreigners. This has left millions of patients without access to high-quality treatment in European hospitals.

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Treatment abroad is easy

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