Steve and Dr. Cole discuss the effectiveness of professional and collegiate sports Covid management while restarting their seasonal play. Dr. Williams

Interview with Dr. Tracy Williams, Spectrios Institute for Low Vision ? Executive Director, Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology, Loyola University, Adjunct Professor, Illinois College of Optometry, Team Optometrist for the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Bulls. Dr. Williams talks about low vision and low vision rehabilitation along with his experiences in treating professional athletes.

Spectrios Institute, formerly Deicke Center for Visual Rehabilitation, is a unique organization providing a comprehensive visual rehabilitation program that includes low vision evaluation, counseling, and instruction of daily living skills and technology use.Spectrios

Spectrios Institute empowers children and adults with vision loss, regardless of income, to optimize their visual capabilities and independence through the use of prescriptive tools, technology, rehabilitative training, and inspiration. We strive to educate every person with vision loss.

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