Megan Chiu, now 19, was a stand-out at the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center and impressed at the Chicago High School for the Arts. When she left for Point Park University in Pittsburgh to pursue a ballet dance major, she was determined to excel. Yet, an ambiguous injury during her junior year of high school left her with nagging pain in her lower leg and foot that only grew more intense as she began dancing at the college level.
Megan continued to practice and compete, but the demands of regular pressure on her toes, feet, and ankles, forced Megan to seek attention from her university�??s trainers. They were unable to manage her pain, so Megan consulted sports medical specialists in Pittsburgh. Multiple physicians diagnosed a torn flexor halluces longus (FHL) tendon. The diagnosis required grueling surgery and extended recovery away from the studio. Her mom, Susan, thought they should seek a few more opinions closer to home.
Dr. George Holmes�??Foot and Ankle Specialist
On a holiday break from school, Megan asked friends at her old dance studio for advice and recommendations. It was there that she was told about the expert care and treatment offered at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush and Dr. George B. Holmes, Jr., a foot and ankle specialist.
Dr. Holmes disagreed with the diagnosis of a torn FHL tendon, but determined Megan exhibited an entanglement of the FHL tendon which extends from the calf, around the ankle and under the foot. In other words, the stress from hard work had inflamed and snarled the tendon but hadn�??t severed it. The prognosis was more positive and filled Megan and her family with hope that she may be able to get back to performing at the same level sooner than anticipated.
After undergoing surgery with Dr. Holmes last summer, Megan dedicated herself to physical therapy while working as a teaching assistant for children�??s dance classes. A few months later, she was back in her university�??s studio for her sophomore year and working hard to get back in shape to perform.
Back On Stage
Today, Megan is thriving. In fact, she earned the lead part in cast A of her university�??s spring concert. When the lead dancer in cast B suffered a stress fracture, Megan stepped up to perform in all five shows for both casts.
Megan�??s mom Susan shared her family�??s pride and joy in Megan�??s recovery and their trust in Midwest Orthopaedics for future injuries.

�??We were so impressed with Dr. Holmes and his work with Megan�??s injury that we took our son to him to address a shin injury just last week! He comes highly recommended by our family.�?�

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