MACI impacted me in a lot of ways. By resolving my knee pain, it brought me back to doing what I love; running, biking, and just being active with my family and friends.

Abby is used to being challenged. As a former college athlete, she is been competing in sports for most of her life. So when knee pain from damaged knee cartilage took her out of the game, there was no way she was going to be content sitting on the sidelines.

Working with her doctor, Abby chose MACI, a procedure that used her own cells to repair her damaged knee cartilage. With the guidance of her physical therapist, Abby approached her MACI rehab with the same focus and determination she used on the athletic field.

Hear more about Abbys story and how MACI helped her get back to living the active life she loves. Individual results may vary.

Abby’s Story

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